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The Value of Preparing for House Fires – How to Plan & Prepare

As far as cataclysmic emergencies go there aren’t many situations as staggering as a fire that damages your house and possessions. A fire in your house is a frightening and an emotionally draining situation, whether it consumes everything or not. Nevertheless, there are certain precautions you can implement to decrease the chances of a fire from happening in your house. The fire damage repair team from Paul Davis understands the severe situation of house fires and that’s why it’s important to know how to plan and prepare your property and what to do when a fire occurs.

Fire Preparation – Fire Escape Plans & Recovery

When it comes to house fires, some of them aren’t can be in control and can’t be avoided. That is why the most crucial thing for you to do is have safety procedures in place. Fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are a necessity, and make sure you have the proper amount to suit your residence. Nevertheless, you should think about using smoke alarms that can identify smoke from electrical fires, because defective wiring is one of the main causes of house fires. When you have children, you’ll want to instruct them on how the smoke alarm sounds and what to do when one goes off.

Create fire escape routes and make sure everyone knows about them. There should always be two exits out of all rooms in the residence. You’ll also want to have a planned meeting location outside of the residence so that you know everyone gets out securely.

Taking inventory of your personal belongings is a great idea for insurance purposes just in case all your stuff is demolished by the flames. You’ll also want to keep important items like passports and birth certificates in a fire safe box, and you can create digital replicas and upload them to a cloud drive for added measure.

What to Think About to Decrease House Fire Dangers

Although some fires are uncontrollable, here are some safety measures you need to execute to prevent a house fire:

  • Smoking: Outdoor smoking is the a great approach to prevent a house fire from occurring. Don’t smoke indoors if someone in the home is using oxygen because it is highly combustible. When you smoke inside, don’t smoke in bed and while drowsy and have ashtrays with tall walls.
  • Children: Store any matches or lighters in a location that is out of reach and out of sight from children to avoid their curiosity from starting a fire. Educate your children that fire is not something to play with as well.
  • Fireplaces: Creosote is extremely combustible and it develops in your fireplace after it’s been in use, so always get your fireplace cleaned and maintained routinely. Getting a large, durable screen is also fundamental to prevent sparks from entering the room and log rollovers.
  • Portable Heaters: Make sure your space heater has a control mechanism and a thermostat, and it needs to switch off if the heater falls over on its side.
  • Appliances and Electrical: Worn down cords and broken plugs could easily create a house fire, so be sure to check your appliances routinely for any problems. Also, check up on the switches for your lights because if they’re hot, they have to be replaced.
  • Cooking: The kitchen is one of the most vulnerable places for a fire to occur. It’s important to pay attention to what’s in the oven or on the stove, and if you have to leave, have someone watch over it until you return.

If You Need Fire Damage Repair Services – Contact Paul for High-Quality Help Today

When you experience a house fire, don’t hesitate to call Paul Davis. Our expert team has the knowledge you need with fire damage repair services and we can have your property back to a habitable condition. Call Paul at 888-473-7669 and a local franchise near your location will be prepared to help.